Meet Olivia Longo, Intelligent Assistant Content Manager @iNAGO


1.What is your educational background?

For my bachelors degree I studied Cognitive Science, because of my interest in its’ multi-faceted approach to understanding the brain and the human experience. It also introduced me to mental models, human-computer interaction and how AI understands the world around it.

Most recently, I completed a postgraduate degree in Interactive Media Management, which gave me applied experience in interaction design, digital and management of diverse teams!

2. What do you like most about working in AI?

I am excited and proud to be at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology. There’s no question that AI will one day seamlessly blend throughout our every day lives, though it still sometimes feels like it’s in its infancy. I believe that the work we are doing with AI will make human – technology experiences simpler, safer and of course, more fun!

I am always challenged in this field, as AI is really complex. I am continuously learning and applying new skills. Never a dull moment!

3. What brought you to this company/how did you get started?

In my final semester of my Interactive Media Management post-grad, I was lucky to landed an internship at iNAGO. Very lucky because it was in the middle of the 1st wave of the Pandemic!

I’ve never been someone who wanted to specialize in a single subject, I’ve always preferred a multidisciplinary approach to learning and work. Turns out, my blend of experience in Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Digital Design and Project Management all came together really well for my position at iNAGO, where I have to be really adaptable as I wear many hats throughout the day!

4. What makes the work at iNAGO so special?

I love working with a really diverse team! The iNAGO team comes from a variety of backgrounds, so no two people have the same perspective! Although working in a new technology has its challenges, everyone at iNAGO has a voice, and has individual impact on the development of our products. It feels great to be heard and supported from all sides, and to really feel like you’re making a difference!

I also really believe that iNAGO is at the forefront of Intelligent Conversational Assistants. I can see the clear path of where we’re going, and I know how much of an impact our technology will have. It’s exciting to be a part of the journey!




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