Meet Akiko Maeta, Product and Solutions Director @iNAGO!


1.What is your educational background?

I studied at Tokyo Keizai University, Faculty of Business Administration. I mainly learned about management-based communication and American culture.

2. What do you like most about working in AI?

It is fun to challenge how far the system can reproduce complicated human thoughts. I also find it interesting to consider human thinking when reproducing it.

In addition, I am happy that the creation of an AI system will make people’s lives more efficient, give them more time to spare, and ultimately give them more time to do what they want to do, not just what they have to do.

3. What brought you to this company/how did you get started?

I met Ron at my favorite bar and was scouted when I told him I had a career as a project manager and data analyst. At that time, my main job was data analysis, so I wanted to do a little more creative work. I originally started programming because of my dream of becoming a game producer, so I thought that the AI system would bring me closer to that dream, so I decided to work at iNAGO.

4. What makes the work at iNAGO so special?

We are trying to implement human communication using the advanced latest technology.
The area of communication required is so large that our technology & system should be applicable to various fields depending on the idea. The environment where I can challenge what I want to do is difficult but I think it is wonderful.


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