iNAGO to show safer driving technology for in-car assistants at TU-Auto Detroit 2016

Integrated, intelligent technology reduces driver distraction and increases safety

TORONTO, Ontario – June 8, 2016 – At TU-Auto Detroit 2016, iNAGO Corporation is demonstrating its new Safe Driver Notification (SDN) technology, a safer way to deliver connected content and services to drivers. SDN uses a new way of predicting cognitive workload to control interaction with the user to maximize safety while improving user experience. iNAGO has successfully completed research and development for SDN and has now integrated it into iNAGO’s next-generation netpeople platform being demonstrated at this year’s TU-Auto conference in Detroit.

netpeople provides conversational, natural-language assistants for the car, enabling drivers to find POIs and manage car features, all by voice. Its interactions are designed to maximize safety, based on the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) guidelines for in-car devices. But iNAGO acknowledges that even voice interaction can be distracting. “Voice is a solution, but it’s not the complete solution to driver distraction,” states iNAGO CEO Ron DiCarlantonio.

Driver distraction has been directly linked to cognitive workload, the amount of mental effort a driver is using. SDN determines the driver’s cognitive workload and understands when it is safe to interact with the driver, and when it is unsafe to do so.

SDN technology was developed in conjunction with Vocalage, a high-tech research and consulting firm spun off from the University of Toronto. Preliminary research completed in 2015 on SDN’s ability to reduce distraction is promising. “SDN is a safer, smarter way to manage human-machine automotive interaction,” Mark Chignell, CEO and President of Vocalage states. “We’re pleased to partner with iNAGO on developing technologies to minimize distraction for the next generation of HMI devices.”

iNAGO and Vocalage are now working with technology partners to bring the SDN research into the car. “iNAGO has developed an entirely new approach to safely providing information to drivers,” DiCarlantonio concludes. “SDN is the foundation for a safe, connected driving experience.”

At TU-Auto 2016, iNAGO is giving previews of SDN to industry experts at Booth M242.

iNAGO booth

iNAGO demos

iNAGO booth: M242

About INAGO Corporation:
iNAGO is a leading provider of intelligent conversational assistants for automotive, mobile and the home. iNAGO’s netpeople technology combines natural-language understanding, conversation and artificial intelligence to deliver a human-like experience that is safe, simple and fun. For more, see

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