iNAGO releases U.S. beta for its smart digital assistant “mia”

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iNAGO releases U.S. beta for its smart digital assistant “mia”


Tokyo – January 10, 2012


iNAGO Inc. today announced the U.S. release of “mia”, itsnew mobile digital assistant powered by its industry leading interactive agent technology “netpeople”.This new release provides an unparalleled level of ease in searching for information on your smartphone by allowing you to have a conversation with, or just give instructions to, mia in order to hone in on what you need in a few, quick steps.
mia debuted in Japan in July 2011, where mia is known as “netpeople:a” and isavailable exclusively on Samsung smartphones and tablets. This U.S. release marks the first time that mia will be made available to all Android users. The decision to the make the U.S. release publicly available was made in part due to the excitement and positive consumer response surrounding the launch of applications similar to mia, such as Apple’s SIRI.
Different than other digitial assistants on the market, mia is fully interactive. Designed to understand the nature of the information it is accessing for you, mia can think on its feet, proactively helping you cut down the options when there are too many or find more options when there are too few, all through coversation.mia does this through the magic of netpeople, which empowers mia to track both the context of the search or interaction while keeping track of thegoal, to get you what you want when you want it.
mia is currently available for Android smartphones with additional OSes scheduled to be supported early this year. “We are extremely excited to launch mia’s beta versionin the U.S. as the first stop in the global rollout of our services,” said iNAGO CEO Ron DiCarlantonio, “while outside of general web search this release only includes such content as restaurants, local businesses and weather, we are working hard to to integrate new and interesting content with music, movies, events, public transit, taxi, and calendar management soon to follow.” iNAGO’s CEO also indicated “our goal is to make smart devices easy and fun to use for everyone and mia is just the beginning.”

To download mia, please visit: 

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About iNAGO
Founded in 1999, iNAGOInc. is a pioneer in the development of human-computer interaction systems. Its NetPeople Platform has received many accolades for its cutting edge innovation over the years integrating with mobile phones, kiosks, car navigation devices, and IVR systems to create easier, simpler and more natural conversational interfaces.iNAGO’s goal is to make computers more human-like to allow people to interact with machines like interacting with a friend.

For all media inquiries please contact:
Kevin Smith
(408) 914-2848

For all other inquiries please contact:
Denise Warriner
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For more information on mia:
Website – mia powerd by netpeople
Twitter – mia_netpeople
Facebook – mia.netpeople


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