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Mobility as a Journey

A new interactive gateway to a never-ending world of experiences and places to explore. Everywhere you go, TaikenPilot is your navigator, tour guide, and friend.


Whenever youʼre on the go, you pass by countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Places to meet new friends. Places to learn something new. Places to get your heart racing. Places that could change your life. TaikenPilot helps you uncover where your next adventure lies.

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Discovering new possibilities is just the beginning: once you find new destinations, there will be no end to where you can go and what you can do. Break out of your old routine and enjoy new experiences everywhere, so you donʼt miss any opportunities to get the most out of life.

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The joy of discovery and experience is more fun when you arenʼt travelling alone. TaikenPilot is with you as a friend to talk, learn, and explore. Collaborate with her to get the most out of every journey that awaits you. The more you travel together, the better your discoveries.


An Innovative Discovery Assistant

The next generation of conversational recommendation technology: a fun, interactive way for anyone on the go to expand their horizons and discover new destinations and experiences.


  • Exposes you to novel destinations and experiences by making personalized, predictive recommendations.
  • Interacts with you conversationally to learn your needs so it can give the best suggestions just for you.
  • Provides information that is new and expands your possibilities, rather than narrowing them down.

Discovery Assitant


Groundbreaking new technology that takes cutting-edge innovations in deep learning, navigation, and natural language conversation, and integrates them with the latest in predictive recommendations to create a unique travel experience.

The Process


A joint effort between Aisin AW and two key innovators in intelligent technology:

a leader in conversational assistants and human-computer interaction

University of Toronto
a research institution on the forefront of deep learning and predictive recommendation technology.


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