Our team of deep NLU, AI and creative professionals has turned AI complexity into simple, intuitive and informative product multipurposed conversations.

Our team of deep NLU, AI and creative professionals has turned AI complexity into simple, intuitive and informative product multipurposed conversations.

netpeople Technology

Our cloud based netpeople® 2nd generation, designed for accuracy and based on our deep NLU, context-aware and automated dialogue management system, enables your team to integrate our natural language conversational assistant platform seamlessly into your front end and back end systems.

How Do We Do This?

Out of the box pre-trained MLU with Ontology with advanced tools that allow you to customize your own terms and concepts. And, with more use the MLU improves and Ontology grows.

Patented technology to improve the speed recognition rate enabled through our content aware NLU.

API integration into car data allowing the assistant to respond according to the content of the car.

Additional API integration into speed systems including Cerence, Google SR, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and others.



This patented technology is what allows netpeople to handle more than one request at a time. Everything you say during the course of the conversation is kept in context which netpeople uses to filter down your conversation to get you exactly what you want.



Conversation is not possible if a device is not pro-active. Our patent-pending Goal-Oriented technology is how netpeople knows how to lead the conversation by asking the right questions at the right time based on what you say.


Natural Language
Understanding (NLU)

Standard speech recognition programs out there fail because they can’t distinguish the meaning of words based on how they are being used. netpeople NLU engine uses its own knowledge and context to understand how words are being used to reveal the intent of your conversation.

And It Works For Any Client

Another major feature is that netpeople takes this exclusive technology and makes it work for “Any Device.” The architecture of netpeople is designed so that it is simple to integrate with any software/client and supports any network device.

Let’s create the next generation today.

Let’s create the next generation today.

netpeople Development Tools

Unlike other technologies, netpeople isn’t a take it or leave it platform with set functionality. The netpeople platform is different because it is equipped with advanced development tools, APIs and defined protocols. These features make it fully customizable and free to integrate with any outside system. This is how we create solutions never possible before:

  • Using GUI based tools, non-programmers can create custom agents with specific knowledge to provide a digital assistant for any domain and objective
  • Programmers can add advanced functionality through the built-in programming language
  • Incorporates a plug-in system that allows you to expand its core functionality without limits

With netpeople you are never limited by the technology. By creating a platform that is fully customizable, the meaning of “innovation” takes on a new world of possibilities.