netpeople On the Go

The world of the PC has become the world of the mobile device. From mobile phones to tablets and smart watches, users want to stay connected and get the information and help they need wherever they are.

The netpeople assistant platform is the answer. Instead of small screens and error-prone keyboards, users interact with iNAGO’s assistants entirely by voice – perfect for digital natives and mobile professionals.

netpeople assistants are smart and helpful: they ask for more information when they need it, and they provide relevant Internet content and services that users can take with them. From social media to navigation, from playing music to finding a great nightclub, netpeople assistants are always there to help out.

mobile Benefits for Business

The netpeople assistant platform enables companies to make their device or service smarter. netpeople voice assistants act as a concierge to your device or service, giving users a friendly, conversational way to interact with it on the go.

At an aggregate level, the netpeople platform also collects valuable mobile consumer behavior data as the assistant is used. This can be invaluable in targeted marketing, advertising, and deciding on future business directions.