On the Road

An Intelligent Conversational Assistant for the Car

iNAGO’s netpeople platform delivers advanced assistants for a superior in-car experience. Drivers can converse naturally to interact with Internet content and services, car data and information, and OEM services.

OEMs can use the netpeople platform to provide a safer, friendlier user experience for drivers. iNAGO’s assistants use natural language, context, and intelligence that enable a true conversation between the driver and the assistant. As a result, drivers stay connected and informed while they’re on the road.

OEMs benefit from the netpeople platform by providing a next-generation HMI to their users, with deep integration with their cars and the connected contents and services that they expect. A netpeople assistant can also be the foundation for services that can provide OEMs with ongoing revenues.

  • Internet Content and Services

    Today’s driver is connected: drivers want to be able to search for points of interest, communicate through SMS, email, or telephone calls, and play music – all while staying safe. iNAGO’s netpeople platform enables drivers to interact by voice, so users avoid distraction and stay safe.

    And the netpeople assistant does more than listen to requests. It comes with deep knowledge about various domains out of the box. But when it needs more information to complete the driver’s task, it’s smart enough to politely ask for more details.

    Smart, friendly, and helpful, the netpeople assistant brings Internet content and services to the connected car.

  • Driver Commands

    Drivers also need to control car features, the navigation system, and their cell phones. iNAGO’s intelligent assistant can raise the stereo system volume, turn on windshield wipers, or make phone calls at the driver’s command.

    netpeople acts as a concierge between the driver and all aspects of the connected car. Instead of a multitude of buttons, switches, and knobs, drivers can command their intelligent assistant while their eyes – and attention – stay on the road.

  • Vehicle and Environmental Events

    Not only do drivers need to be able to control car features, but they also need to be informed of events that take place in and around the car.

    iNAGO’s intelligent assistant becomes an active participant, helping to manage communications intelligently between the connected car and the driver. The assistant listens for and understands system events that come in from CANBUS and other car data. It then uses reasoning and context to determine the best action to take, while communicating with the driver. Verbal alerts with detailed information and recommended actions become far more effective than a simple blinking light on the dashboard.

  • Voice Help

    Owner’s manuals for cars can be hundreds of pages, making it difficult to find needed information. This becomes even more of a concern when the owner is driving and requires access to technical information on the go.

    The netpeople platform can power interactive voice help that combines owner’s manuals with contextual information about the user and the car. iNAGO’s intelligent assistant can inform the driver of situations and events such as low gas or engine trouble. The assistant can then verbally guide the driver through the owner manual to provide them with related information and help, even if the car is in motion.

    Users can access this voice help from any device, so they can interact with it whether they’re in their car, at home, or on the go. As well, voice help is a desirable value-add for OEMs, and can be automatically updated remotely.