netpeople gives FUJITSU TEN’s aftermarket navigation system added smarts

iNAGO’s natural-language access to connected services integrates with devices and content providers seamlessly and powerfully.

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, established in 1972 with investment from FUJITSU LIMITED and with additional investment from Toyota Motor Corporation and DENSO Corporation in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronics Industry. It is a globally-recognized manufacturer of car navigation and audio systems, ECU for engine and airbag control, millimeter wave radar, mobile communication equipment etc. It is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for Toyota and other automobile manufactures.
With the rapid growth of the Internet, smart phones, and wireless services, FUJITSU TEN quickly moved into the connected car and ICT markets. They committed to their goal in 2012 with their 10-year vision for 2022: focusing on Human-Centric Computing and Driver Support systems for future vehicle and driver support.

FUJITSU TEN wanted to make using a car more convenient, smart, and fun. As a result, they sought to improve the user experience of their ECLIPSE in-car navigation systems.

iNAGO’s experience in developing conversational digital assistants made it the logical choice. Their best-in-field netpeople platform provided FUJITSU TEN with a way to offer aftermarket customers the most natural way to access connected services on the go: a conversational voice assistant.

FUJITSU TEN was easily able to integrate iNAGO’s out-of-the-box connected services: restaurant, local business and weather, to create a full-featured in-car voice-based personal assistant solution. These services already support all popular content and service providers, providing FUJITSU TEN with a turnkey solution.
FUJITSU TEN also needed iNAGO to integrate a custom content provider that delivers an additional layer of POI detail. iNAGO was able to integrate and add this new level of functionality to provide drivers with greater information about gas stations, real-time available parking, and rest stops, etc.


netpeople’s flexibility allowed FUJITSU TEN to execute on its unique solution, bringing all functionality to the cloud but delivering it through a smartphone application. This new application integrated with the FUJITSU TEN ECLIPSE navigation system to provide a seamless in-car experience.
Drivers can use netpeople to easily find POIs, as well as control the navigation system by speaking naturally. Interacting with the netpeople assistant is like speaking with a human, enabling drivers to get the information they need in a way that is safe in the car. Instead of simply issuing commands, the driver engages in a conversation with an appealing custom character that represents FUJITSU TEN’s brand and user experience in the car.

All this was made possible quickly and easily using iNAGO’s netpeople assistant platform and FUJITSU TEN’s expertise in telematics systems.
FUJITSU TEN successfully launched the CarafL (the Car-centric life Assistive Friend Link) application on Android and iOS, integrated with the ECLIPSE car navigation system and powered by netpeople. CarafL continues to grow in services and functionality.
For an overview of CarafL’s useful, fun features, see: (Japanese content)