Case Study: Clarion


netpeople’s conversational “Gourmet Search” lets Clarion’s customers find restaurants while keeping their eyes on the road

Clarion needed a safe, simple, and fun way for drivers to discover places to eat without distraction. netpeople’s unique voice assistant technology provided the solution.

Clarion is a leading global manufacturer of in-car infotainment systems and cloud-based information network services for vehicles in general.
The company was one of the first to deploy a cloud-based system (Smart Access) to their in-car navigation. Clarion recognized the value of the cloud in enabling them to keep navigation information the cloud, so that they could update and improve the system remotely at any time.

Smart Access

However, Clarion wanted to develop a next-generation system that would solve a recurring problem with in-car technology. Conventional car navigation systems required the driver to tap a screen and use various buttons and knobs, which could easily be distracting. Clarion wanted a solution that would still enable drivers to take advantage of the connected car services, in a way that was safe, easy and comfortable.

The answer was voice. But Clarion was dissatisfied with conventional voice command systems. Most of them required a user to speak strictly-defined commands in a particular sequence. Anything else would result in errors and frustration on the part of the user.
At the same time, Clarion also wanted to enhance their connected services, and sought a solution provider that could deliver a robust voice solution coupled with aggregated information from multiple content providers.

Clarion selected iNAGO, whose netpeople solution is known for natural conversation interaction. iNAGO and Clarion worked together to define the elements of the perfect voice assistant for the car.

With Clarion’s automotive experience in car navigation and iNAGO’s experience as a voice HMI leader, they developed “Gourmet Search,” an in-car application powered by netpeople that enables drivers to search for restaurants entirely by voice.


With “Gourmet Search,” drivers can keep their eyes on the road. It enables drivers to specify the type of restaurant (by cuisine, budget, visit purpose, etc.) they want by voice, and hear search results without having to look at the navigation screen. Drivers can choose the restaurant they want, call it, and even set the destination all by conversing naturally with the application – one of netpeople’s greatest strengths.

“Gournet Search” has brought a natural conversational interface to in-car systems, opening the door to a new era of in-car interaction. Clarion and iNAGO’s solution was featured on a major business TV show in Japan as an example of innovative voice technology that’s bringing voice assistants in the car closer to becoming human.

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