netpeople Assistant Platform

The netpeople Assistant Platform is a service platform that enables smart conversational natural-language assistants on any device.

netpeople comes with a wide range of functionality, content, and services.

Preset Agents

netpeople comes with preset agents, individual concierges programmed with knowledge to handle specific content domains (such as Restaurants and Events).

Ready to Go Out of the Box

Companies can use netpeople right out of the box, without any changes. It’s ready for deployment.


netpeople is also fully customizable. It can be reskinned to match your brand, or developed with new functionality and content specific to your company.

Client Versatility and the Cloud

netpeople is adaptable, and can be integrated into any device. Our cloud platform makes this integration seamless for current and emerging clients.

powered by netpeople

mia is the showcase agent for the netpeople assistant platform and comes ready to go, out of the box. mia acts as a personal concierge that delivers content and services to users in a smart, convenient and fun way. Businesses can quickly integrate the default mia agent into their solutions, or make customizations to meet their product and branding needs.