About iNAGO

For over a decade iNAGO has led the way in Human-Computer Interaction. And through the creation of netpeople, we have built a platform off which innovation will soar.

The iNAGO Story

In the early 1990s, iNAGO CEO and Founder Ron Di Carlantonio joined a dedicated group of people working to bring artificial life to consumers. The result, AQUAZONE, was a runaway hit and launched the digital pet craze worldwide.

The people behind this virtual world dreamed of applying artificial life to create a virtual person. An assistant that would help users fulfil their goals and meet their needs. All by talking and listening.

In 1996 they started research on this idea. The Internet and Web were just beginning, so it made sense to create intelligent assistants that lived on the Web.

In 2000, iNAGO launched netpeople: a platform that enables human-like conversational assistance on any device. The netpeople assistant platform has been used to develop digital and voice-enabled assistants for clients in Japan such as Brother Sales Ltd., Fujitsu Ten Ltd., and NEC Personal Computers Ltd.

Now, iNAGO is bringing netpeople to the rest of the world, where its natural-language assistants will help users in the car, on smartphones, at home…and everywhere else.

Our Vision

From the dawn of the machine age, people have dreamed of talking to computers as easily as talking to each other. There has never been a way of interacting with a computer as familiar or friendly or as useful as conversation.

iNAGO’s vision is to enable people to interact with technology in a way that feels like interacting with a friend. To reach that goal, we’ve created the netpeople software platform which supports many different types of virtual assistants.

Our ultimate dream is that netpeople will become more than the sum of its individual parts: an artificially-intelligent assistant platform.

Management Team

iNAGO was founded by a group of individuals driven by their extensive background and success in innovation. For over a decade iNAGO has lead the way in bringing digital-life products to market while creating the next-generation solutions for major corporations around the world.

Today iNAGO has a team that spans from Canada to Japan taking the best from each as we continue to lead the development and design of interactive solutions. Through the collaboration of our global team and our passion for innovation, iNAGO is creating the next generation of Human-Computer Interaction.

Ron DiCarlantonio

Founder & CEO

After graduating from Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, Ron spent over 20 years developing and bringing smart technology to market like the very successful virtual aquarium AQUAZONE. Through his success, Ron founded iNAGO in 1998.

Gary Farmaner

Chief Software Architect

After receiving a Computer Science degree at the University of Toronto, Gary spent over 20 years working in commercial software engineering before coming to iNAGO. His software expertise and creativity are a major force in driving iNAGO’s vision and netpeople’s sophisticated architecture and technologies.

Kiyoshi Kazami

Chief Operating Officer

Kiyoshi’s extensive knowledge in smart technology grew from designing real-life simulation software while managing teams and businesses. After working with Ron on digital-life products, he led New Business Development for two major companies before rejoining Ron to help build iNAGO into the leader it is today.

Akiko Maeta

Product & Solutions Director

With over 10 years designing software and managing B2B solutions, Akiko is instrumental in understanding the needs of both our customers and our business partners. Her strong education in business and economics combined with her programming skills have made her the ideal person to lead iNAGO.